About Chaparral Elementary

Chaparral Elementary School has been a neighborhood school in Deming, New Mexico since 1967.   We are home to over 400 students.   We serve students ranging from our 3-year-old Pre-K Program to fifth grade. 

We have two classes per grade level with the exception of 4th and 5th grade in which we currently have 3 classrooms at each grade level.  We also have two classrooms dedicated to multi-age education.  These are our JUMP (Joint Ungraded Multiage Primary) classrooms in which we blend instruction for kindergarten, first, and second grade and students in these classrooms stay with the same teacher for three years of consistent instruction.  We also have four special education classrooms.

Chaparral Elementary will continue to provide support to our students and families by promoting academic learning through communication, building relationships, and increasing community engagement.  While we hold high expectations for our staff and students, these expectations will be supported through social and emotional learning. 

Chaparral's Mission Statement:

At Chaparral - I better myself, I better the world.  

Chaparral's Purpose:

Chaparral Elementary School will continue to provide intentional focus on high expectations in social and academic achievement leading to the success of ALL students.



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