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School Supply Lists/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/Banner/Back to School banner.pngLinks to School Supply Lists 10:59:00New School Menus /UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/News/2024-2025 SY/July 24/Picture1.pngWe have launched a quick and easy way to see the most up-to-date breakfast & lunch menus, including nutrient and allergen information. Just click on the menu items to view nutritional information. 11:44:00School Calendar Infographic /UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/Logo/Charlie Head Color Small.jpgSchool Calendar Infographic 12:46:00Online School Registration is Open May 20, 2024, for the 2024-2025 School Year New PreK, Kinder, and New Students/UserFiles/Servers/Server_344169/Image/Logo/Charlie Head Color Small.jpgOnline registration opens Monday, May 20, 2024, for PreK, Kinder, and new students to the district. The registration website link is available on the Deming Public Schools website , under Registration. We encourage families to look at the site to become acquainted with the required information and documents needed to complete online registration successfully. All new elementary students are required to register at their boundary school, based on the student’s current address. Please visit and choose “Registration” at the top, select “Find My School” on the left-hand links to determine your boundary school. 15:24:00/syndication/rss.aspx?serverid=346041&userid=5&feed=datasummary&key=mUjSMnnsnNuUjLMZ4tAPGpajXGI9GMRwl1kbZQ021LMH4VZO74eDNrbTEGAjZj3vGRYTtnmvXI%2bW4jeB83G7lyk6cLk%3d&target_object_id=447838&portal_id=346125&v=2.0